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"By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn" - Latin Proverb.

                  ISMMMO (ICCPA - Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants) Website

                   MODAV (AARCF - Accounting Academicians' Research and Collaboration Foundation) Website


Academy of International Business (AIB)


               A great resource for academicians, researchers, consultants and experts who are interested in the International Business field.

Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS)

              Valuable resource which includes several articles related to the International Business field.

Academy of Management Online (AOM)

             A rich resource for academicians and researchers who are interested in Business and Management.

The American Finance Association, Journal of Finance

               If you are interested in Finance, especially Financial Economics, you should definitely have a look at this academic resource.

World Bank Data & Research

             World Bank's data and research website. A really beneficial resource that helps you to have access to various statistics and analysis.

Research Papers in Economics (REPEC)

               Wonderful database where you can find many research papers for the branch of Economics.

Post-Autistic Economics Network and Post-Autistic Economics Review

               Beautiful website where you can locate numerous articles about Economics, Development, Ecological Economics and Ethics.


               An academic website where you can benefit from a great deal of articles, presentations, thesis and course notes. You will enjoy the rich content.

Turkish Economic Association

               Another academic website that presents you books, discussion papers and forum postings concerning the Economics field.

      is well heard of with its strong archive of articles and research papers.

Journal of Economics, Business and Finance (Iktisat, Isletme ve Finans Dergisi)

               A peer-reviewed SSCI indexed journal that publishes articles relevant to Economics, Business and Finance.

canaktan Web

               canaktan Web is the Virtual Library on Social Sciences and it's maintained by Dr. Coskun Can Aktan. Unbelievable content!

Dr. Omer Baybars Tek

               A famous website where you can access several articles and resources covering a plenty of subjects and branches. Still, Marketing is the flagship field of Dr. Omer Baybars Tek's website.


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