Dr. Cevdet KIZIL (Google Groups)
      The group where Dr. Cevdet KIZIL's successes are followed and discussed.




Dr. Cevdet KIZIL (Google Groups) is a platform which contains people who have been inspired by me

and created a community in my name. Their leading goal is to support my studies and I really respect

these valuable friends. They have a great perspective on issues that is completely against monotonous

way of thinking and I think this is why we are so successful in sharing of ideas.


So, after a while they had also invited me to join the group they created and I was in very quickly.

It is really perfect to be one of them! Here are the first 5 members of the group :)


Currently, the group has more than 20 members.


Ghost - Group Moderator

               Ghost, Group's founder and moderator..

Safak Burak Cevikbas

               Safak Burak Cevikbas, 2nd member of the group


               E.O., 3rd member of the group


               Promethius, 4th member of the group. 

Dr. Cevdet Kizil

               Dr. Cevdet Kizil, 5th member of the group :) 



Cevdet Kizil and his chess friends in SNHU (New Hampshire, U.S.A., 2004).