Dr. Cevdet KIZIL (Yahoo Groups)
      The group where people support Dr. Cevdet KIZIL and exchange ideas.




Dr. Cevdet KIZIL (Yahoo Groups) is a platform which includes very special and quality people who

have created a community in my name to support my works and activities. Since the group's founder

and members have a high capacity of thoughts, ideas and criticism, our sharing and exchange of

ideas have always brought great benefits and created an evident synergy effect.


I am very happy that they have started a group in my name and then accepted me as a member.


The group's definition and description from the founder and first members:


"This group was created to discuss and support Cevdet Kizil's studies, in addition to form a public

 opinion on his works and activities. His skills in archiving, talents in organizing documents, mastery

of chess and various abilities are expected to set an example for all of us".


Cevdet Kizil VS Nuran Tanrikulu, Gurkan Ekin VS Bora Altinordu.

(During a tournament in Sah-Mat Chess Club, Kadikoy, Istanbul - 2002).