Website Purpose's Purpose
 was created on June 1, 2003. However, the history and the roots of the website indeed dates back to 2002. Today, has improved seriously compared to the previous years by taking advantage of visitor/friend comments, opinions, critics and ideas. In regards to the future goals, is intended to progress with the continual improvement philosophy. In fact this is a natural process since is a reflection of my own personality which is based on "Kaizen Philosophy". So, is a personal website that is run without commercial interests and accordingly it does not advertise via any medium.

    Providing a more detailed explanation, there exists several reasons for the realization of project. Sharing some parts of my life, inspiring and motivating the youth and students by presenting my achievements and memories, spreading information with some pages of my website such as Publications, General Documents, Ph.D. Documents, Masters Documents and Academic Links, enlightening individuals and answering their questions using the interactive sections of my site such as Cevdet Kizil (Googlegroups) - Cevdet Kizil (Yahoogroups) and the Guestbook, presenting valuable resources and documents to the students by the help of Courses Taught page are only a few of the purposes of

    Besides all these, was designed as a honest website promoting maximum transparency. Maintaining a close relationship with the website visitors and my friends was also one of the leading goals. Furthermore, the features of the website makes it possible to prove the reality of documents included in Moreover, one other objective of the website was to contain all of the various documents that I value in one single setting, and I believe that success has also been experienced in this field.

    For sure, occupies a unique place on the World Wide Web with its unorthodox characteristics and this has resulted in an increasing trend of visitors for the website. As mentioned before, does really reflect my personality, but this should not only refer to continual improvement philosophy. Surprisingly, after I had just created my website, I did discover that creativity, instead of standard practices, was an eye-catching element of Interestingly, prior to starting my career and choosing the path of academicians, proving my creativity was again an important factor for me. Thus, had been automatically parallel to my lifestyle and philosophy. As a result, the different structure and creativity had attracted many from all over the world. For example, in only 2006, was visited 1,336,509 times by several individuals belonging to so diverse groups and this has brought a variety of comments together.




    The different structure and creativity of, plus everyone finding something of their own on the website were all missed for a long time in Turkey. Probably, the Turkish community was waiting for one brave move and a rebellion to monotony for years. For sure, had many things to tell and owned several ideas to communicate. Thus, the website did become a phenomenon in a short time and started appearing on internet users' personal MSN and Facebook accounts. Now, all were informing and talking to each other about via platforms such as MSN and Facebook.




    Definitely,'s attracting serious attention and gathering so many visitors were eye-catching successes for the sponsoring firms. August 6, 2008 (Saturday) was a milestone for me and my personal website from this perspective. Reach Network Inc. Media Company (U.S.A.) did send me an e-mail on the mentioned day and offered to sponsor From now on, the advertisements of Reach Network Inc. Media Company would take place on However, this critical step was first of all a spiritual value for me rather than being a financial incentive. Because, I had achieved to turn one of my life principles into reality: "The dream is half the success!" 




    Then, was also formed for us to always remember one of our greatest treasures, the hope. Remember, a disciplined study and high determination integrated with hope can help everyone to achieve any victory. Unfortunately, in some parts of their life, people usually think that they are late for a specific achievement and they lose their hope and determination as well as giving up studying, working and trying. On the other hand, most of the time they still have time and many more chances... I wish they could remember this every time for turning their dreams into reality.

    Additionally, aims at introducing myself to individuals, friends and the public who wish to know me better. Parallel to this statement, the idea behind is that personal improvement of each individual alone do result in the improvement of other persons and the development of the public as a whole. Hence, contributing to the society as useful individuals and serving our countries with beneficial projects should also be listed as the targets of

    Finally, has inspired and motivated several individuals so far in Turkey and the world. It has also encouraged them to study/work with high determination. Absolutely, various documents included in the website and all of the comments taking place in the guestbook do support the mentioned facts. Consequently, it is planned to constitute a stronger in the future with more interactive features and it's aimed to improve the website further via the contributions of visitors, friends and scholars. Accordingly, immortalization of myself and my friends comes to the scene as another potential objective in case will be run by others after I say farewell to this world. Yes, that's one of my dreams, but everything starts with dreams and imagination, right...?


Cevdet KIZIL is the one who loves to know more about different

individuals, cultures & thoughts, and he respects their uniqueness...


(The Great Wall, Beijing/China - February 11, 2003, Tuesday... It was a very cold winter day...)